Blumarine Spring 2015

Blumarine Spring 2015 literally bloomed on the catwalk with a bevy of botanical designs during Milan Fashion Week. Flora blossoms and flows like petals on vines over these artistic dresses and gowns. Designer Anna Molinari not only imbued a budding spring romanticism into the collection, but many are even quite sensual. Spring is after all for Love and this garden is most definitely enticing to pollinators. It really comes as no surprise that Anna titled this collection “In Bloom”. Delicate flowers decoratively frame a svelte silhouette. Florals cascade over dresses and gowns and some on nude fabrics as the primary design element. They layer as soft floral appliqu├ęs and captivate as stunning sequined embroidery. The collection is all about the details. They strategically shape and flow like a garden growing on the woman’s form. There’s very little wiggle room for anything less than a perfect physique for some creations, but they will undoubtedly do the fortunate figure that shows these designs off, supreme justice.
( can offer the dresses from the picture)