Chanel Spring 2015 Couture

What do I take away from all of the creative details that Karl infused into this chic Chanel Couture collection? Spring is a state of mind. Literally. Flowers and Spring are EVERYTHING. Really… everything. Think about gardens. Grow them. Wear them. Be a flower. Playing up your assets doesn’t mean they have to be your lady bits. It can be your lovely flat tummy playing peekaboo. Everything goes with black. Everything goes with white. Everything goes with black and white. You do not have to suffer the pain of high heels to be chic. Thank you Karl. A jacket pulls a look together. Think ensemble. Whimsical style is a personalized thing and created by using fashionable pieces that are eye catching and unique. Use accessories that make a bold fashion statement that delights you or surprises others, or both. Be original. Color is an attractant like stamen is to bees. Be stamen. Textures are a visible demonstration of the craft of high end couture and 3D floral appliques and embroidery are literal works of art – especially when they’re imagined by Karl Lagerfeld and crafted for Chanel. Be crafty