Rami Kadi Fall 2015-16 Couture Fireflies Collection

Rami Kadi’s collection “Lucioles”, is french for Fireflies and is the tangible manifestation of a tale of unique, creative inspiration. Rami discussed how the theme of this collection was born and how he turned a personal phobia into an enigmatic and unforgettable couture ensemble. He spoke of his phobia of insects (and living in Florida, I relate;) and that he found it therapeutic to work out the details of insects into these exquisite couture art forms. He pondered the time that he spent in the U.S. and his discovery of our fireflies. He focused on their light and their ethereal, magical quality. He assembled a 13 piece collection of cocktail dresses and evening gowns in a black and white theme, and with the exceptionally innovative detail of using materials that, when the lights are turned off, cause each dress to be illuminated in the dark. Fabrics are reminiscent of wings and webs; sheer, glimmering and textural. Each design is painstakingly hand embroidered with crafts of white insects made of braided threads. Some are embellished with laser cut beetles created from sequined material and fur and feathers create other wispy, insect like textures. Creativity is thinking outside of the box and Rami accomplished more than one thing with this venture. He developed an enigmatic and memorable collection and also demonstrated that sometimes the objectionable things can be quite beautiful when looking at them through the eyes of love.