Tess Giberson Fall 2015

Tess Giberson’s New Hampshire upbringing is evident in her Fall 2015 collection. Everyone that lives in cold climates quickly learns that dressing in layers keep you warmer in the frigid temperatures. Tess put her artistic spin on the practical necessity in ways that make dressing for winter exciting and fun! She wraps her silhouettes in varying layers and warm and toasty textures while creating chic and fashionable looks. At times they’re a little gypsyesque, a little New York art district. Her ideas for styling are filled with trend setting flair. Looks mix masculine edginess with the soft and feminine.  We can all take tips from these designs and I have my favorites too. Leg warmers wrap over high heeled boots and peek out from under a maxi. An ultra long sweater wraps the hips and is topped with a shorter version followed by a loose cropped top. Gloves are a little hobo styled, fingerless and convenient! Thick and shaggy fringe meets skinny pants or leggy leather jeans with sexy, stiletto booties. I also LOVE the handmade feeling of the thick yarn scarves and I’m always a fan of black and winter white.