Blanka Matragi Universe Collection

Blanka Matragi was invited to be the Head of Jury in a competition for Beirut’s Young Fashion Designers. She didn’t hesitate to to accept. The enviable winner will have an internship in the Matragi Atelier in Beirut. Blanka has been an accomplished artist and designer for several decades and explained how she wanted to assist the up and coming designers, motivate and counsel them with practical information that they can use to move forward along their budding career paths. She stressed that having a talent is not all it takes to succeed, the importance of being a work in progress, and how they should focus on functionality while also thinking outside of the box. Along with her practical advice, she created the “Universe Collection”; a Ready to Wear ensemble for Spring 2016 in which many of the dresses are hand painted by Blanka and digitally printed.Digital textile printing is an exciting concept with numerous possibilities. Blanka incorporated this innovative technology with the heart of an artist and sensibility of a mature creative. This collection is an admirable demonstration for young designers to study on and model after.