Metallic Fashion 2016

Metallic Fashion is everywhere and on everything; from gleaming runway gowns, to short skirts, dresses, pants, tee shirts, scarves, purses, wallets and shoes. We love shiny things! The metallic and iridescent fashion trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, though Wallflowers need not apply. Glowing fashion is not for the faint of heart. It is made to be worn by the most adventurous, the lovers of glamour, and those with a penchant for glitz and flash! If you have a vintage metallic style, pull it out of your closet and give it new life. If you bought a new shiny something, hang on to it and don’t let it go. Metallic Fashion has timeless appeal. Styles are designed with glowing and reflective fabrics like silk, satin, foil jersey,  lame, spandex and other special occasion fabrics.  Light catching details create reflective textures with glittering sequins, metallic beads and embroidered mirrors. Everything about them says Time to Party!