How to Feel Cool in the New Year

Four new and under-the-radar labels to help you get there.
Who doesn’t want to be a little cooler in the new year? If one of your resolutions involved staying ahead of the curve, you’re in luck. These four new and under-the-radar labels will help you get there (and look good in the process).
Adam Selman began his career creating costumes for Rihanna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga before becoming a full-time designer with a namesake label. Now he’s taking another leap, this time transforming his ready-to-wear line into a full-fledged active wear collection.
It will have its debut this week at Net-a-Porter, under the name Adam Selman Sport. The collection is distinguished by a refreshing dose of sass and a nightclub-y aesthetic that will delight SoulCyclers who’ve swapped the dance floor for the bike. Most important, the line is sustainable, affordable, unisex and inclusively sized.
This may just be the year of Cienne. Though the label was introduced in 2014 by Nicole Heim and Chelsea Healy, it really hit its stride in 2018, becoming a semifinalist in the International Woolmark Prize and appearing on the backs of Gigi Hadid and Gwyneth Paltrow.
There’s little mystery why. Its sustainable business model is welcome today, and, for many of us, its subversive staples and fuss-free design fill a smidgen of the hole left by Phoebe Philo’s departure from Celine.
Billing itself the “Sephora of CBD,” Fleur Marché caters to the cannabis enthusiast (or curiosity seeker) who shops at Barneys and subscribes to Goop. Which isn’t too surprising, since its founders, Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder, formerly served as directors at Goop.
The site looks as if it should sell barely-there lipstick or nifty scented candles but instead offers CBD starter kits, including Le PMS Kit, Le Sleep Kit and Le Beauty Kit. Each comes with products from well-regarded companies, with detailed information regarding sourcing, production and potency.
After 2018, we could probably use a little reminder to have fun. Think of Viva Aviva as the sartorial permission to do just that. Designed by Aviva Falk, a Diane von Furstenberg alum, and produced in Brooklyn, the line is a riot of ruffles, bold colors and cute-but-not-too-cute details (imagine bandeaus cinched with a bow) that work especially well on frocks and date-night tops.
Here’s the label’s tag line: “If you always dress for a party, life will always be one.” Take it to heart.