Push It: 5 Style Challenges

The shows are over, the trends declared: For spring 2019, we’re talking crochet, tie-dye, bike shorts galore. But beyond the obvious themes from the collections, there were plenty of smaller moments that served up sartorial inspiration, thanks to pieces that left us wondering, “Hey, how do we pull that off in real life?” Here, five such moments that nudge us to think past the big trends and shop a little more creatively.

The Inspiration: Raf Simons’s “Jaws” tees weren’t the onlythrowback at Calvin Klein. Kaia Gerber walked the runway in the ultimate nostalgia item: a graduation cap.
The Translation: Donning an actual mortarboard isn’t for the faint of heart, but why not riff on its back-to-school vibe with a different item? A patch-covered backpack or varsity jacket will lend your outfit just the right amount of high school swagger.
The Inspiration: At Chanel, more was a lot more — at least when it comes to purses — as models bounded through the Grand Palais with twin bags slung around their shoulders.
The Translation: Forget bankrupting yourself with two identical handbags. Instead, approximate the look with one carefully chosen purchase that smacks of carbon-copy coolness (a two-tier purse, a double buckle belt).
The Inspiration: A high-voltage, thigh-high boot paired with a demure oxford (in clashing colors and patterns, no less). What else would you expect from the irrepressible conceptualist Thom Browne?
The Translation: If it seems a little too radical for real life, try a subtler version of mismatching, one that will jolt some energy into your current accessories without overpowering the rest of your outfit.
The Inspiration: A sweater tied over an overcoat? It’s a move that defies logic (and restricts range of motion). But, practicality be damned, it’s definitely cool, in the textbook Galliano-Margiela fashion.
The Translation: Reach for an already layered piece that’s slightly confusing in the best way possible — wait, which one went on first? — but, unlike the Margiela, lets you move your limbs.

The Inspiration: Sometimes precious little (really, just some suede strings, plus a few beads) can add surprising depth to an outfit. That was the clever detail at Ferragamo.
The Translation: For a look less reminiscent of “Waterworld,” opt for a netted bag or latticed skirt that is every bit as texturally interesting.