Tap That: 5 Items That Are Sure to Go Viral

Time was, if you wanted to see what people were wearing, you had to go out and actually see people. Endless inspiration awaited the alert people watcher, particularly in a city like New York, where passers-by seem to dress with your personal entertainment in mind.
Trends were discerned, statement items noted. Shopping lists were made. Now, however, thanks to social media, that endless parade of peacocking is available right in your pocket. Though plenty of deserved criticism may be laid at Instagram’s door, the fact remains that for those obsessed with style, it is an indispensable tool for wardrobe inspiration.
With that in mind, we did a deep dive into the feeds of influencers and trendsetters and picked out five covetable items likely to go fashion-girl viral this fall. Wear them all together if you dare.

Instagram is not for the subtle. Ergo, Chimi Eyewear’s rise to the Popular Page shouldn’t have been hard to predict. This Stockholm label specializes in of-the-moment shapes available in an array of eye-popping colors. Bonus: They cost less than $150.

Fashion has a stubborn nostalgic streak. It has resurrected such dubious, but much loved, camp staples as Birkenstocks, chokers and tie-dye. The latest to get pulled from the vault? Jewelry made from puka shells. Tohum, a label in Istanbul, has elevated the genre with elegant materials (no hemp cords, for one) and streamlined shapes, and it’s already building a cultish following.

On days when your hair acts out but your face still looks cute, pull on a baseball cap that gives no illusions about your sports knowledge. These graphic hats are made for those whose team loyalty lies with fashion alone.

There’s something particularly luxurious about slouchy boots. Perhaps it’s the extra calf room or the fact that, often, a pair can be worn two ways: scrunched down or pulled tight past the knee. In any case, the way to wear them now is to go with the flow: Pair with loose dresses, wide-leg pants (tucked in) and short skirts.
The voluminous, ruffled blouses that have dominated feeds for a few years have gone West — more specifically, straight to the prairie. Wear with beat-up Levi’s for day or an incongruously contemporary leopard skirt for a night out. semi formal dresses