The Top 5 Ways to Update Your Look

What you need for a killer wardrobe this spring.
Exactly how will you reinvent yourself this spring? With the shops awash in options, the choices can be paralyzing. So, like any endeavor, it’s best to break your wardrobe update into manageable chunks. Start with five pieces, then add the bits and baubles. Here, our suggestions for the essential purchases of the season.

It isn’t quite T-shirt weather, and even when temperatures rise to appropriate heights, you’ll need a light jacket to endure those frozen tundras imposed by air-conditioning. The coolest jacket right now is one inspired by work wear, ideally in a surprising shade. Wear with everything.

Building Block x MOCA leather iPhone sling, $125 at MOCA, 

Who wears short shorts? No one over 35, usually — and certainly not to the office. But this spring, designers, thoughtfully addressing the needs of, say, 80 percent of the population, have extended the hemlines. The result: shorts you can wear anywhere, even, in the right fabric, to a cocktail party.

While the must-have earrings of the last seasons tended to be boldly minimalist or made of precious and semiprecious metals, this spring’s must-haves are playful and packed with color. This may be the final flourish before the long-running jewelry trend flames out. Enjoy wisely.

The forecast for shoes this spring? Clear. In a forward-thinking touch at a time when fashion is often looking back, designers have turned to PVC and Lucite to give classic shapes a fresh spin. Slipping into a pair is the easiest way to update a ho-hum outfit.