Too Cool to Feel the Heat

Midsummer pick-me-ups that will make you forget the heat.
Not to state the obvious but summer is hot — very hot if you have to walk around New York. The city has already been hit with an excessive heat warning, when heat index values, which take into account temperature as well as humidity, reached a wretched 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

You won’t want to be wearing much when you hit those sizzling streets, so it’s best practice to rely on accessories to make your sartorial statements. Here, a few that will pack some punch.
Birkenstocks are great. But if your evenings are as full as your days, you’ll want shoes that transition seamlessly into cocktail hour, and orthopedically friendly clunkers will not do. Emme Parsons, a new footwear designer, specializes in elegant sandals that suit the workday commute as much as the night life. Handmade in Italy, they have a two millimeter sole — slightly thicker than usual — for extra comfort and durability.

Some things just look happy. The Alison Lou collaboration with J. Crew is one of them. Bright beaded earrings and bracelets with fanciful details, like bedazzled hearts and daisies, are pretty much sartorial smiles. And, with everything priced under $80, the lineup is the perfect midsummer pick-me-up.

The next best thing to staying indoors when it’s hot enough to grill your own avocado toast on the sidewalk: a hat almost as big as a roof. The mega-chapeau made its debut on the spring runways when Jacquemus (above, at right) sent out toppers just shy of sun umbrellas. Other labels have rolled out styles that, while not that large, certainly make an impact.

Donni, a Los Angeles label that began with a line of versatile scarves, now makes all sorts of convertible accessories that tie together — literally. Its deceptively simple bow hair ties come in an array of playful patterns and make the inevitable sweaty ponytail a whole lot more chic.

The Turkish handbag label Mlouye was founded by a former industrial designer, Mel Rure, and it shows. The clean lines of the bags have more in common with objets d’art than with your typical purse. Case in point: this lantern bag, which would look as nice on a shelf as on your arm.