What You Need for a Mental Vacation

Five strategies for how to mellow out in August.
It can be really hard to concentrate in August when temperatures peak and September looms. The best way to make the most of the month — and beat the late-summer blues — is to clear some head space and find little ways to Zen out in your daily life. Here, some strategies to do just that.

We know that wearing head-to-toe white helps you stay cool; who’s to say it doesn’t help promote mental clarity as well. After all, yogis, doctors (and cult leaders) wear it. But diaphanous caftans and floaty frocks don’t always fly in the city. Enter Roberta, a new line from Kindred Black, an e-commerce shop that specializes in eco-friendly shopping. For its debut collection, which takes inspiration from men’s wear basics, it reworked tanks, tees, shorts and carpenter pants in a white or undyed color palette.

The last thing you want to do is waste precious mental energy rifling through your bag in search of that-thing-you-know-you-have-but-can’t-find. Luckily fashion has a solution. For several seasons now, designers have popularized clear totes, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. And they’re available at a range of prices this summer.
Little else is as synonymous with a swank hotel as a plush bathrobe. But take one to the beach and you’ll walk away a wet and sandy mess. Eau Club, a direct-to-consumer label introduced in July, has a robe specifically designed with the shore in mind. Made of undyed linen with silk piping and pockets, it is chic enough to pass for outerwear and inevitably conjures dreams of the good life spent shore-side — even if you’re hanging by a friend’s pool in the suburbs.

The best escapes don’t always come by jet. They may be better located between the clothbound covers of one of the six literary classics that Loewe is publishing this month. The company gave each book, including “Dracula” and “Wuthering Heights,” a high-fashion makeover using iconic stills from the photographer Steven Meisel’s oeuvre. Consider the limited-edition set your official inviteto clear your schedule for some quiet time.

Smell is the most evocative of the senses, which is why sniffing something like Ombre Nomade, the first unisex scent from Louis Vuitton, is like a mental escape hatch, instantly transporting you to finer locales. The perfume has a potent dose of oud, the leathery, spiced scent that has long been used to induce spiritual and physical transformation. Tibetan monks believed it calmed the mind; Buddhists thought it could diffuse ignorance; and the prophet Mohammed mentions it in the Quran as a healing elixir. At the least, you can rely on it to make your cubicle a little less bleak.