For Fall, Feel the Clash

Forget the rules. It’s all about colors that bellow at one another.
It used to be that, in any given season, you could usually discern one “It” color. Nowadays there may be a dozen. But instead of pining for simpler days gone past — a futile exercise anyway, since they won’t be returning — it’s best to make the most of the present and wear all of the season’s hottest colors … at once.
Look to the fall 2018 runways for inspiration: At Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga some of the most memorable looks made a solid case for going big and bold. And if the colors clash? All the better.

Super-warm jackets need not be super-boring. The hero of this outfit? A pillowy puffer in an electric shade. Pair with swag-y sweatpants and a hipper-than-thou designer clutch.

A sunshine yellow dress is sure to get you noticed amid a sea of black cocktail dresses. But a streamlined shape keeps it understated — and well out of attention-hog territory. Add quirky accessories in complementary bold shades for a dose of whimsy.

There’s a misconception that to be taken seriously at work, you must dress as dour and gray as your office’s institutional carpet. Best practice is to pick a style that suits your personality. And if you’re the assertive type, piling on the brights sends the right message. Just keep the silhouettes simple, and the skin show to a minimum.  cheap ball dresses nz