How to Be a Poolside Pinup

And, rainbow jewelry as a cure for minimalist fatigue, Louis Vuitton’s nod to the ’80s, and more.

To make a big splash for its 10th year in business, the footwear label Charlotte Olympia has teamed up with the Brazilian swimwear designer Adriana Degreas. Swimwear is new for Charlotte Olympia, but there is plenty that fans will find familiar (in a good way). The playful pinup styles are a happy translation of its whimsical aesthetic, complemented by Ms. Degreas’s figure-flattering shapes. Rounding out the line are pool slides, which may just be the most comfortable Charlotte Olympia creation yet.

The recent revival of 1980s fashion seems to provoke one of two reactions: intense dislike or out-and-out celebration. A point in favor of celebration: Louis Vuitton’s New Wave handbag collection, which will be in stores this week. Designed with quilting that echoes its curvy shape, and logo detail to delight Rainbow Brite, the collection proves that the decade of decadence can, despite its garish reputation, be ever so chic.

Rainbows have been trending in fashion for some time now (See: Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2018 show; anything by Gucci from the last several seasons), so it was only a matter of time until it trickled into jewelry. Designers, including the costume jeweler Roxanne Assoulin to the luxury label Ippolita, are eschewing the category’s classic gold-silver-and-diamond palette in favor of something more prismatic. The twist? While rainbow jewelry is often dismissed as twee, these sparklers are all grown up.
A good striped shirt is like an Aperol spritz: Theoretically you can enjoy one all year long, but its true essence is best suited to summertime. It’s also difficult to stop after just one. So, naturally, as the season gets into full swing, you may find yourself hankering to indulge. Happily, Armor Lux, the Breton company considered the gold standard in striped shirts, has cooked up a special treat. To celebrate its 80th year in business, it is releasing a limited edition, including a dress and T-shirts in special colorways. Try out the orange — it’ll match your drink. semi formal dresses australia