Leave Your Phone at Home

And, two beloved indie labels get together for a pop-up, a suitcase to delight the T.S.A., and more.

Struggling to unplug? There’s an accessory for that. Purses too small to fit a phone are the biggest thing in handbags these days, spotted on the dainty wrists of celebrities and Instagram influencers clogging up the feed. Micro-bags have trended before in fashion, but styles like the Jacquemus Insta-famous Chiquito have taken it to new (tinier) levels. Measuring just 3.1 inches tall, 4.7 inches wide and 2 inches deep, the Chiquito won’t accommodate much more than your lipstick and credit card, to say nothing of your phone. You may be inspired only to move the gadget to a bigger pocket, but in today’s hyper-connected world, looking as if you stepped out without a phone may be the ultimate sign of status.

There’s a new way to humble-brag about how on-the-go you are, thanks to a collaboration between the luggage company Rimowa and Off-White, the label of the moment. They’ve joined forces on a carry-on case made from clear polycarbonate, and accented by black handles, wheels and labeling that puts your vacation wardrobe on display, without the need of a cleverly hashtagged Instagram. Bonus: It may even help you clear the T.S.A. faster.

April brings showers; May, flowers; and June, the pop-ups we want to shop. Case in point: The beloved indie designer Shaina Mote has teamed up with the millinery label Clyde on a shop on the Lower East Side, the first foray into New York City retail for each of them. Light and airy, the shop is the perfect home for Ms. Mote’s easy wares and Clyde’s chic summer hats, all of which are the sartorial secret weapons of many an overheated city dweller.

Caroline Constas is known for creating the kind of breezy off-the-shoulder tops and dresses that beg you to scour Kayak.com for flights to faraway places. Now she is making a play for the rest of your getaway wardrobe with a swimwear line that highlights her talent for color and playful patterns. In other words, make sure that vacation you book is one to the beach. cheap formal dresses online