Flat shoes for a dress or skirt: the best styling tricks and outfit inspiration

Flat shoes with a dress or skirt just don't look good? You bet! Combining is guaranteed to work with these tricks and inspirations!
Whether dress or skirt: an outfit with these two fashion favorites very often fails on the shoes!
High-heeled shoes have become a kind of standard for both skirts and dresses: they conjure up endless legs and are considered extra sexy and feminine ... and so far that's all well and good, but hand on heart: high heels or even shoes with moderate sales are simply impractical in various life situations. They slow us down and in the worst case they cause aching feet and a correspondingly bad mood.

The result: The tunnel view of shoes with heels lets us hang clothes and skirts back in the closet that would have rocked our day ... It's a shame because there are absolute dream combinations of dresses and skirts with flat shoes , that not only conjure up a great figure, but also expand the fashion repertoire by lots of style! As the? Let's reveal here;)

Flat shoes with a dress or skirt: you should pay attention to that!

These styling tricks help you combine great looks with flat shoes to dress or skirt . Have fun trying it on and trying it out!

Tone-in-tone applies both summer and winter

The tone is decisive for the question of which flat shoes best suit the dress: the color of the shoes and the legs or, in autumn and winter, the tights.
If you want to visually stretch your leg under a hem of a dress or skirt in summer, you can use nude-colored shoes. In winter, the following applies: the more similar the shades of tights and shoes, the longer the leg will look.

Open shoes extend the leg

Open shoes such as sandals or ballerinas make a lot of sense in the warmer seasons, but they can do a lot of good in a dress or skirt. Free-moving footwear shows more legs and feet. The few centimeters more that are visible make a huge visual difference to make a style with a dress or skirt look harmonious.

Flat shoes to dress: not without my ankles

You literally don't like sandals or ballerinas? No problem! Try sneakers or loafers! When choosing your shoes, just make sure that your ankle cuffs or ankles are exposed.

The shoe tip makes a difference - literally

At the moment there is a trend towards square-shaped shoe tips and that looks really stunning on strappy sandals. However, the only tip of the shoe that can visually lengthen the legs is a point! No matter whether you wear ballerinas, mules, ankle or western boots or even over knees: Pointed toe parts on the shoes have a great visual effect: They make your legs look longer and narrower, while round or square toe parts compress and just that Do the opposite.

What hem lengths flatter flat shoes?

Whether a shoe looks mega stylish or somehow strange with a certain dress or skirt does not always depend on the corresponding shoe. The hem length of the dress or skirt is a very important factor, because it can flatter our legs and our entire silhouette - or not ... As a rule of thumb, you can remember that hem lengths are usually flattering when they are in a rather narrow part of the Leg ends.
With a midi dress or skirt, for example, this is just before the ankle, so that the narrowest part of the leg, the ankle, is clearly visible.
Skirts that end around the knee get a little tricky: it is often flattering if the hem ends a little before the knee or just below the knee before the calf reaches its widest point.

Which dress or skirt actually does something for your legs often depends on the respective model and its fit. For example, a well-fitting high-waist pencil skirt does something for every figure in every length. The same applies to a classic shift dress. Ultimately, the same rule applies here as always: try on and combine as much as you can! What looks great together is ultimately only shown by the test!

Without heels: which flat shoes go well with dress and skirt?

Which flat shoes go with which dress or skirt and how well depends, of course, very often on the individual pieces that inhabit your shoe and wardrobe. However, the following flat shoe types are particularly suitable for combining them with a dress or skirt:

Flat sandals: Make a statement about your dress or skirt

Sandals go particularly well with dresses and skirts if they are either delicate and rather elegant or rough and sporty. In terms of trends, we are moving between the extreme strappy and chunky sandals. If you like to be on the safe side and prefer straightforward styles, sandals with narrow straps are the perfect choice. Chunky or trekking sandals provide a street-style and rebellious look - they make a lot of feminine and playful dresses and skirts.

Mules - open or closed at the front?

Mules are not "slippers"! Ok, they are slippers - but very trendy and elegant slippers that make a perfect dress or skirt in spring and summer. Most flattery for the leg is made by mules with open toes that show a lot of foot. However, closed mules also make a sophisticated fashion statement.

Sneakers: a sporty break in style with dresses and skirts

Sneakers with the dress are simply a dream combination, because more beautiful and casual is not possible. We will continue to make a fashion statement in 2020 with very sporty chunky sneakers . If you like it more elegant, you can use canvas sailing shoes - they ensure a good foot climate even at high temperatures.

Cultivated with flat loafers to dress

Loafers are a constant trend. In 2020, however, they are particularly popular and - who's wondering? - Also particularly good with dresses and skirts: We love the masculine-cultivated style break that loafers produce with feminine dresses and skirts.

Boho style with western boots

Western boots are perfect for boho summer styles with dress or skirt. However , the mid-high boots sometimes make the flattery thing difficult ... The cowgirl boots therefore work best with shorter dresses and skirts that show a little more leg. Midi hem lengths, however, can also be tailored to the boots - it is only important here that a good piece of leg is visible.

Combat or trekking boots ensure strong appearances in dress or skirt

Here we drive the emancipation of stereotypical dress styles to the extreme - or even to the extra-rough profile sole. Combat and trekking boots combined with dresses or skirts create strong style breaks and stylish appearances - a hint of rebellion is included.

Overknees go well with mini or midi dresses and skirts

Overknees are perfect to wear with dresses and skirts, especially in the colder seasons. But the permanent trend makes sense not only in terms of weather: a look with a dress or skirt with elegant over-the-knee boots without heels comes with a style guarantee. Of course, shorter hem lengths make sense here, so that the overknees can develop their full effect. But even longer hems, under which the overknees then disappear, work great: Because the boots reach seamlessly under the skirt , the leg is not visually interrupted and thus stretched. Leg warm and visually extended - if that's not a win-win ...

Flat shoes and the emancipation of stereotypical clothing patterns

Wearing flat shoes with a dress - this also has something to do with emancipation and feminism, because we can decide for ourselves in what makes us feel beautiful or feminine. In this sense, exchanging the obligatory high heels for a dress or skirt for flat shoes is a perfect exercise;) semi formal dresses