Shoulder pad T-shirt: the must-have in summer!

When it comes to shoulder pads, do you think of the extremely striking 80s blazers? We will convince you of the opposite, because shoulder pads are a summer must-have from now on, which even makes our discarded T-shirts an eye-catcher again!
The expansive shoulder pads, for which the 80s are so notorious, give way to the new, clean, casual style of the shoulder pad T-shirt. The trend piece defines your upper body through the slightly raised, thus straightened shoulder area and even conceals strong arms! We show you how to combine the elegant summer must-have and how to make the trendy shirt yourself!

How to combine your shoulder pad t-shirt

Whether sporty or classy, ​​it is best to combine your shirt with high-waist trousers or a skirt . This is how you emphasize your waist, flatter your figure and set the trend piece at the same time!
Tip: With high heels and tight jeans for a trendy shirt, you visually stretch your legs !
Those who prefer casual wear go for sneakers and a sporty shoulder bag.
The shoulder pad trend works particularly well with an airy skirt.
Tip: You break up the noble style with white sneakers , then your heels are used again in the evening!
If you want a bit more summer, simply combine your favorite accessories with the shoulder pad shirt That can be many fine gold chains, a summer hat and the holiday feeling comes naturally!
Tip: The shirt gets a classy update with big sunglasses or  chino shorts and statement jewelry !

Make your own shoulder pad t-shirt

Even if you can of course buy an elegant shoulder pad T-shirt, we recommend that you first look for a basic item in your own wardrobe .
So you may not only save it from the old clothes bin, but make it the new favorite of your wardrobe right away . We will show you how to do the new IT piece yourself with two different instructions.
This is how it works without a needle and thread:
  1. Put on your old basic t-shirt or boyfriend shirt. It is important that it is oversized , it should be a little too big for this variant.
  2. Pull your bra straps down a little and pin the sleeve fabric underneath.
  3. Pull up the bra straps and sleeves and gather them up so that the straps remain invisible under the sleeves and you still have the shoulder pad effect .
Here's how it is sewn:
  1. What you need is your old shirt, needle, thread and shoulder pads . You can buy these or take the padded insoles out of your old bra.
  2. Hold the insoles to your shoulders and try on the shirt so that you know at what height you would like to attach them later. Secure the inserts with two pins so that they do not slip.
  3. Turn the shirt to the left and orient yourself when sewing on the existing seam edge of the shoulder area. You can now fold the sleeves inwards and fix them with a pin stitch.
Tip: Fortunately, hand-sewn stitches can be removed in a flash with the nail scissors, so try it out until the shoulder pads fit as you imagined!

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