The most beautiful outfits from Mamma Mia to style

Mamma Mia - here we go again! We are crazy about ABBA and the musical films that the cult band used as a source of inspiration. The Mamma Mia musicals take us on a (particularly fashionable) colorful journey through time - here you will find the most beautiful outfits to style and shop.
So not only do we get old ABBA records from the basement, we also long for the lively fashion of the 70s. But it is not just for dreamy fashion reasons that the film is worth a closer look - the nostalgic outfits are easier to integrate into your summer wardrobe than you might think! ABBA outfits and thus the costumes from "Mamma Mia" are more than wearable - even without a stage and vocals. Convince yourself!

Mamma Mia fashion trends: Donna and Co.'s outfit inspiration for re-styling

The 70s are never out of fashion in terms of trend - especially not in summer. Whether platform sandals or flared jeans, we love the outfits of the ABBA era and the Mamma Mia films are a particularly beautiful source of inspiration. Here are the most beautiful film costumes for your new summer look!

Maxi skirts? Mamma Mia!

Chic or boho: Donna and Tanya style their maxi skirt in very different ways  
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The maxi skirt has been an integral part of our summer wardrobe for several seasons.
If you love him for his boho charm, you will find the perfect hippie role model in the young Donna: Colored peasant skirts effortlessly combined with floral tops, youthful jewelry and beach waves.
But also an adult version of the maxi skirt has prevailed this summer: the young Tanya seems to have perfected this look already in the late 70s and combines noble floral patterns with silk tops and chain belts.

Donna's signature look: the overall with ABBA charm

Never without her overalls: Donna's signature look 
Photo: Universal
They make a comeback again and again and with good reason: overalls are not only easy to combine, but also particularly relaxed to wear.
In the film "Mamma Mia 2" not only Donna can be seen in her signature look, but also her daughter Sophie.
For the look a la Donna Sheridan, it's best to grab a jumpsuit in bright blue and then combine it with a floral blouse in contrasting colors.
Tip: If you feel too much back in your childhood from overalls, you can achieve a similarly carefree effect with the popular jumpsuit - which is not quite as retro, but just as comfortable.

Denim on Denim on Denim for the perfect Mamma Mia costume

Super Trooper Lights will find this outfit immediately: The complete denim look is a real eye-catcher 
Photo: Universal
Not only in 2020 we cannot live without our jeans. Even at Levi Strauss and Co.'s weddings, people were crazy about the material. The best proof of this: Donna and the Dynamos, who in the film put on the complete look including flare jeans for their stage outfit . After all, more is more!
If that's too much for you, you can achieve a similar retro effect with the combination of your favorite denim shorts or mom jeans and a denim jacket in the same color.

ABBA outfits: stripes with a difference

Like Mother like daughter. Donna and Sophie know: The new stripes come in a retro look! 
Photo: Universal
"Stripes in summer? Groundbreaking! ”As Meryl Streep would probably say in another iconic role.
While minimalist stripes on natural linen clothing remain a big trend, Mamma Mia is giving the popular pattern a retro update: While Sophie can be seen in a striped knit poncho in rainbow colors, Donna and the Dynamos even went one step further in the 70s Furthermore: One of her stage outfits involves brightly striped complete looks that make us jealous. semi formal dresses australia   

Straw hats: indispensable for the perfect retro look

Is she Jacquemus' secret muse? Tanya wore the straw hat even before it was in  
Photo: Universal
Every summer a straw hat seems to be a self-propelled thing. But especially this year, they were literally the stars of the season and achieved cult status. The glamorous style from the Mamma Mia Cast? Donna's friend Tanya, who was already a fan of oversized straw hats in the late 70s.