Combine hoodie: This is how you can style your hoodie for the office and for going out

 Hoodies are comfortable and cozy - and elegant, serious or also suitable for going out! We reveal here how you can best style hoodies!

Hoodies are not only popular in the home office! They can officially be worn outside the apartment and without a sofa nearby. Especially in spring they are the perfect companion for wearing jackets a little bit lighter without getting cold. How can you combine your hoodie for the office or for going out? We have some outfit inspirations for you here!


So you can combine your hoodie

First of all: the hooded sweater has a long history behind it. In fact, it has been around since the 1930s when a clothing company made them for New York frozen warehouse workers. But even in the Middle Ages, Christian monks wore similarly shaped sweaters, which are known as cowls .

And today? Hoodies have been booming in recent years, and designer companies such as Balenciaga, Gucci and Acne have created high-quality items that fashionistas have worn up and down.

But how can you combine the cozy sweaters with the sewn-in hood without looking like a couch? We have a few outfit variants here, let's go!

Hooded sweater with jeans and a trench coat - or an oversize blazer?

With high heels and a trench coat, the hooded sweater doesn't look old, but rather great! The same applies to the combination with an oversize blazer:Both trench and blazer spice up a jeans look with a hoodie with the decisive pinch of elegance and seriousness. 

Combine hoodies with pleated trousers, culottes ...

Wide leg trousers are absolutely trendy at the moment , combined with loafers or pumps and a hoodie, this results in a relaxed look that is also suitable for the office. This combination of elegant and casual is simply a dream for everyday life!

Hooded sweater with a mini or midi skirt 

Ok, we will combine it with tights, as it is currently a bit cold without them. With a mini leather skirt or - a chic alternative - a midi skirt, you can conjure up an interesting break in style.

Combine lederhosen and cargo pants with hoodies

Lederhosen give hoodies a daring, elegant look - cargo pants make a challenge: whichever underwear you choose, the styling factor is guaranteed! Here, too, elegant footwear goes best - how about super-trendy mule sandals?