The 5 best shoes for summer that don't need a pedicure!

 Summer shoes need summer feet, but what if there just wasn't time for the pedicure? We know: Here are the 5 most beautiful alternatives to sandals!

Sock boots

They made our hearts beat faster in autumn and winter: sock boots! With their thin and supple material, the elegant all-rounders also accompany us in summer - this time in beautiful pastel tones or brightly colored patterns. Whether midi skirt, maxi dress or ankle-length jeans: sock boots always work!

Mules: Stylish shoes for the summer - even without a pedicure

The name says it all - with mules , also known as mules or slippers, we're guaranteed to attract attention this summer! Their open heel makes these shoes almost as airy as sandals. They make every outfit casually elegant - especially in combination with a free bondage area. They go well with dresses and skirts, whether short or long. They look casual with jeans, elegant with airy Marlene trousers - there are no limits to imagination and possible combinations with these shoes. A little tip: the models that are pointed at the front stretch the leg optically.

Western boots

Western boots are back! If we're honest, they were never really gone either. This summer they are particularly trendy in white and other light tones. They go particularly well with hippie dresses and boho looks, but stylistic inconsistencies with blazers and slim-fitting dress pants also create a wow factor. A little tip: models made of thin leather are most comfortable for summer feet.

Espadrilles: THE summer shoes are also available without a toe

Not only beautiful, but also beautifully air-permeable. With these shoes we can enhance any look and keep a cool foot. Also this summer there are espadrillesin all colors and shapes. Again, pastel tones and cheerful patterns look particularly summery. Models with wedge heels or platform soles are very popular because they stretch the legs and therefore go perfectly with shorts or shorter skirts and dresses.

Sailing shoes: Classic summer shoes cheap formal dresses online

A classic that will probably stay with us forever: sailing shoes! On hot days they not only exude a flair of the sea, but also don't let your feet get too warm. Especially slim cut and made of thin canvas materials , they are not only sporty, but can also be worn with an elegant maxi dress or casual denim shorts.