Cord fashion trend: this is how you style it in autumn and winter

 Cord is back! The fabric is just making a comeback (as it does in every autumn-winter season) - and it looks pretty cool. We'll show you how you can combine the permanent trend material.


  1. The cord skirt with blouse
  2. Corduroy trousers with a sweater
  3. Cord jacket with turtleneck and skirt
  4. Cord blazer with a bow tie blouse and high heels
  5. Corduroy shirt jackets always work
Cord reminds us a little of our school days. Or chimney sweeps, the grunge movement and the good old 70s. The velvety fabric always comes back in a modern form: As trousers, blazers, jackets or skirts in beautiful colors, cord is always something, especially in autumn and winter, but also in spring . With the ribbed fabric, we can demonstrate a lot of fashion awareness and a sense of style - if we combine it skilfully. cheap formal dresses

The cord skirt with blouse

In autumn and winter we put on tights so that it doesn't get too cold. With a patterned blouse and ankle boots , Cord doesn't look like a math professor, but trĂ©s chic:

Corduroy trousers with a sweater

You have to be a bit careful with pants, because wide ribbed cord can be bulkySo choose a finely woven version with or without a flap at the hem. A wool sweater always goes with it. As an alternative, a blouse looks very pretty and is reminiscent of the 70s in the present. 

The 70s will make a big difference in terms of trends in 2020 - here you can read more about it and the most beatutiful fashion trends of 2020!


Cord jacket with turtleneck and skirt

This outfit proves that cord is absolutely suitable for business : high boots, a pencil skirt, plus a turtleneck that is tucked into the waistband - and of course a jacket made from the new ,old trend material, Break in style? Oh yes please!

Cord blazer with a bow tie blouse and high heels

The broad cord blazer is massive, but looks harmonious with the bow tie blouse and pumps. Such an oversize model works best with a feminine counterpart. With a beautiful midi skirt, the whole thing is a sure fire success for example you can counterbalance jeans with a bow-tie blouse ,which according to the Berlin Fashion Week 2020 is celebrating a MEGA comeback.

Corduroy shirt jackets always work

Ultimately casual, comfortable and warm: shirt jackets made of corduroy are our absolute favorite, right into spring. Why? Probably because somehow they always go with everything ... long sleeve formal dresses australia