Sustainable Jeans: You Must Know These 5 Brands Now!

 Wearing sustainable clothing is certainly one of the most important steps you can take to reduce your environmental footprint. When you consider that around 8,000 liters of water are needed to make a pair of jeans, these five sustainable jeans brands sound all the more tempting!

In the textile industry, unfortunately, the following applies far too often: Bulky cheap goods that pollute the environment and are at the expense of peoplefrom poor backgrounds. With jeans in particular, production is often associated with unsightly conditions.

We are all the more enthusiastic about these sustainable jeans brands , which not only pay attention to clean production conditions , but also to waste as few resources as possible . After all, a perfectly fitting pair of jeans is one of the favorite items in your wardrobe that needs to be worn for a long time - without a guilty conscience!

These 5 brands make sustainable jeans

'Fair' and sustainable jeans, that means jeans that have not used toxic chemicals . In addition, care is taken in production not to waste too much water and fair payment and social conditions for the workers . These five brands meet all requirements.

Nudie Jeans

The jeans models from Nudie Jeans are made  from 100% organic cotton . The brand's vision: Jeans that you can wear for the rest of your life. That is why a free repair service is offered if a spot is worn or a seam is torn.

Poor angels

The German brand does not use any toxins or chemicals and only uses organic cotton. Great, we think! 

The brand also advocates a more conscious use of jeans on social channels 


This fashion company relies above all on transparency : Here you can see for each product what materials it was made of, as well as how much CO2, water and waste were saved during manufacture. You can even visit the factory in Los Angeles (USA) every first Friday of the month.

An additional plus point: Reformation jeans are made from leftover denim and fabrics that are purchased from other brands. No resources are wasted!

Re / Done

This jeans brand is a sustainable subsidiary of the well-known brand 'Levis' - the highlight: The designers from Re / Done grab vintage Levis jeans and give them a completely new look with embroidery, patches or by re-coloring The cuts are also adapted to current jeans trends. Of course, no toxic chemicals are used and very strict attention is paid to water consumption.


Ayr stands for 'all year round' and is committed to slow fashion by name. So instead of shopping for new items every season, the brand wants to create awareness of sustainability . Each item of clothing remains online on the website until the production is sold out.

Ayr jeans only need 250 milliliters of water in production , which in turn is reused for the garden of the production facility. semi formal dresses australia 

Maybe you too feel like investing in sustainable jeans ? You will not regret it and you will even be rewarded with an incredibly good feeling ...