Bag trends 2020: These handbags accompany us through the year

 The bag trends for 2020? From mini models to oversized handbags, everything is included. We'll show you the hottest models - and how you can style them.

Bags. A neverending love story. Or, to use the words of Carrie Bradshaw, " I think men have a similar relationship with their eggs as women have with their handbags. It may be a small bag, but without it we feel like we're in public defenseless ".  formal dresses online

"Sex and the City" is hopelessly outdated when it comes to the image of women, but with this sentence we agree with Carrie. Because with a handbag the outfit feels really complete and without it somehow naked. Right? 

Bag trends 2020: These handbags accompany us through the year

The nice thing is: This season, too, there are countless cool models for every occasion and taste - from elegant to casual, from mini to maxi, for parties and the playground . We present our top trends and tell you how you can combine the It-Bags 2020.

The practical one: crossbody bags

Hands free and the crossbody bag works everywhere! At the party, when shopping, on the way to the office, worn over a  trench coat or leather jacket, combined with a midi dress or jeans . Shoulder bags make us happy in 2020 with long and medium-length straps, made of teddy fur, natural materials or smooth (synthetic) leather .

There are no no-gos with this bag, except maybe: not to carry it. 

The minimalist: micro bag

Hello where are you? The XXS pockets are so small that we have to look for them with a magnifying glass. Basically, only a lipstick fits in (and a smartphone in a larger version). Nevertheless, the micro-bags that adorned the models for the Jacquemu s label on the catwalks in 2019 will remain a trend in 2020. Maybe because this bag proves once again that the fashion industry doesn't always take itself that seriously. Or quite simply: Because the Mirco-Bags are as sweet as sugar.

This bag trend needs an elegant outfit , which means:  jeans yes, but with heels please blazer or high-quality coat goes well with it .   

The unusual: braided look 

Padded, braided, quilted: whatever you call it - the look will be very popular among bags in 2020. The creative mind Daniel Lee from Bottega Veneta was also a pioneer here. In terms of color, they cover a whole range. We carry the pretty handbags in earth tones, but also in bright colors . 

Since a braided bag is a bit more extravagant in itself, it should stand for itself. Means: Use contrasting colors when styling  So it's best to combine a dark blue outfit with a beige model; Conversely, with a cherry-red bag variant, you prefer muted tones, such as brown or camelReach for  rough boots and cropped jeans - the casual look is ready.

The oversized one: XXL tote

In contrast to the micro-bag trend, there are tote bags in maxi sizes. Half of your bathroom fits in here (which, admittedly, also has disadvantages). Whether plain black, made of fabric, jute or leather: The tote bag comes in many different designs and is carried crossbody, on the elbow or simply in the hand - provided the item doesn't slide across the floor. 

You can let off steam when styling, because the pocket shape looks en vogue with trousers and a satin dress as well as with jeans and T-shirts . 

The elegant one: baguette bag

The legendary baguette bag from Fendi is a timeless classic and is considered to be the very first it bag. Last but not least, "Sex and the City" made the bag world famous, because Carrie took the part through the streets of New York. The bag, which first appeared on the market in1997, got its name because it can be tucked over the shoulders and directly under the arm - just like a real baguette.

For the real french look you can combine the elongated shoulder bag with the short handle with an oversize blazer, jeans and ankle boots . 

The statement bag: maxi clutch

Bottega Veneta designer Daniel Lee has achieved with  "The Pouch" what Fendi created with the baguette in the 90s : an icon among bags. All well-known influencers were allowed to move in the crumple-look XL clutch. Cost of the label's larger Maxi Clutch: from 1500 euros and up. Fortunately, numerous cheaper models have crept into the market.  formal dresses with sleeves

The styling of the soft maxi clutch ranges between super chic (for example with high heels and a maxi dress) and elegant and casual (in combination with a power suit and sneakers ). You can either carry the handleless bag relaxed at waist level and tucked under your arm or hold it in one hand.