Combine loafers? Yes! The best styling tips and outfit inspiration for the shoe trend

 Loafers are one of those shoe trends that never really go out of style. Here we reveal why that is, how you can best combine them and a good portion of outfit inspiration.

Loafers are definitely one of THE shoe trends in 2020, but if we're honest, the footwear that would probably tick “diverse” under gender was never really out of style. Why it is like that? We're guessing the classic and at the same time controversial character of the shoe model, which was actually born as a men's shoe. Masculine, elegant, dandy, but somehow also feminine ... Somehow, loafers have a very multifaceted character - and that comes in handy for particularly stylish outfits. cheap formal dresses

Not sure how to combine the slightly schizophrenic classic? We have the most important tips and outfit inspiration for loafers.

Which shoe models are actually considered "loafers"?

Originally, classic men's leather loafers to slip on were called loafers - at that time the color variety was almost exclusively between brown and black. But there were definitely extras: mostly in the form of a clasp or leather decoration over the instep.

If that's a bit too classic for you: don't worry. There are not only decades between then and now, but also worlds in terms of model selection. Loafers with a higher (block) heel, with a platform sole, as a slipper (read: with an open heel), in statement colors, with eye-catching decorations or monk straps ... There is probably a loafer for every taste and trend.

Combine and style loafers: outfit ideas for every occasion

We have already described loafers above as “diverse” and it is precisely this character that does not fit into a single drawer that makes it possible to combine this favorite shoe trend in an incredibly versatile manner. For example, it can round off an elegant look or provide a break in style for that certain something extra in an outfit. Here are tips and ideas for outfits with loafers.

Haven't found your perfect loafer yet? For us, the loafer from cox is the perfect entry-level model, which is always possible! 

In 2020 we'll wear loafers with ankle-high socks!

Sounds weird? But it is not. The look is a bit unusual, but that is exactly its great strength: Suit trousers that end at the ankle , jeans or even a midi skirt or dress - they all get a real extra eye-catcher with the loafer-sock combination .

Playing with stuffy: loafers with casual jeans and a bow tie blouse or cropped cardigan

Bosomed bosoms are again a huge topic in 2020. In casual combinations (e.g. with 80s straight-leg jeans) as well as in bourgeois looks with wide-leg pleated trousers or culottes. Whichever direction you choose: Loafers are definitely a really good choice! Whom the bow blouse is too elegant or overdressed, may resort to a cropped cardigan and buttoned it as a sweater wear - in this trend at least we can not ignore ...

Party dress + loafers = perfect party outfit

Loafers for a short party dress not only ensure pain-free dancing, but also a very special look! Here, too, ankle-high socks can provide that certain something;)

Loafers with long or short wide leg trousers or with a culottes?

Pants long, short or shorter - that is the question. Or not, because if you want to focus on your loafers, you of course make sure that they are easy to see: culottes look very sophisticated with loafers, while short pleated trousers have a cheekier note, especially when socks have already been sung about to be worn.

Loafers and oversize blazers are a dream team

Like and like people like to join in: Both loafers and oversize blazers have a masculine business touch and in this sense go together perfectly. Since both trend pieces are not neglected when it comes to casualness, we can combine them both in style with suit trousers, but also in style with casual jeans.

Loafers with tights: Do you prefer to combine dresses, skirts or shorts?

Tights are such a thing ... Fashion bloggers and influencers like to leave them out - which we “normal” fashion fans can only roll our eyes. After all, we don't just go out on the streets for the perfect photo ... Loafers can also boast here,because they go very well with tights! So the loafer trend is an absolute go for spring, because with them and the right tights we can go for spring-like style - shorts, short skirts or dresses: anything goes. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Office look with pencil skirt AND loafers ...

... sounds a bit stuffy? It isn't, especially if you combine a casual t-shirt with the pencil skirt or, depending on the season, a nice chunky knit sweater.