Dress trends 2020: How to combine the new clothes for spring & summer

 The clothing trends 2020 for spring and summer are versatile. We'll show you the most important models - and how you can style them. 

Coco Chanel once said: " I am against fashion that is fleeting. I cannot accept that clothes are thrown away just because it is spring. " This statement is more relevant today than ever. Sustainability has never been more important, second-hand no longer hype, but an attitude. And yet the designers bring us new creations every season - but often with trends that were there before. Jackpot! Because it could be that you already have some of these 2020 clothing trends hanging in your closet or you just have to rummage through the box in the attic - and don't need to buy any new items. formal dresses online

These cuts & materials are popular in 2020

Before we start with the dress trends, here is a brief overview of the general cuts and materials from which the hottest models for 2020 are tailored: Dresses in leather (look), cord, satin, velvet and jeans as well as cotton are mainly 2020 to see. The cuts range from a slip dress to the figure-flattering wrap dress  to the popular midi length .

The latter ends at calf level, which is why you should pay attention to the right choice of shoes. Depending on body size and figure type, loafers or slippers, for example, can compress. Ugly Dad Sneakers,on the other hand, are a safe bet as they stretch through their platform sole. 

Dress trends 2020: polka dots, 70s print & ruffles

Light as a feather, romantic-enchanting, rocky and colorful - the clothing trends for 2020 convince us with their variety and have one thing in common: If you don't know what to wear in the morning, you can't go wrong with one of the following dresses (except not to run it). 


White cotton dresses

White dresses, which remind us of pretty midsummer dresses, are trendy in spring and summer. We are now allowed to wear models with lace and flounces for shopping, picnics or the next garden party - and not only at our wedding. Since the romantic dresses do not face competition, it is best to combine accessories made of Wieker and raffia (which is still a trend in 2020) in earth tones or gold. Så vacker (Swedish for "so beautiful")!

Trend 2020: ruffled dresses and pleated dresses

Ruffle dresses in midi length can be seen again this year and conjure up a romantic look. For a chic outfit, simply combine heel shoes with them. Do you like it more casual? Then reach for boots, sandals or sneakers .

In addition to dresses with ruffle details, those with pleated pleats accompany us through the warm season. In her collection, the Austrian designer Lena Hoschek combines the delicate folds that either run through the entire dress or just adorn the skirt part with a 70s print (see photo below). 

Trend polka dots: How to combine dresses with dots

Hach, when it comes to polka dots dresses, we immediately think of the sugar-sweet brown and white dress  that Julia Roberts wore in "Pretty Woman" during a polo game. The dot pattern has been popular since the 1920s and was preferably combined with high heels. In 2020 we will style sneakers (preferably made of fabric), put on sunglasses - and also feel like pretty women.

The wild 70s: paisley, flowers & wild patterns

So that the 70ies look doesn't look like Hamburger Schlagermove, never choose more than two pieces with the colorful hippie patterns . So that means: paisley or flower dresses and  overkness don't tolerate a fedora hat and a bandana in their hair . With an oversize blazer , the trend is broken down and brought into the present. Instead of boots, slip into sneakers or sandals in spring and summer to give the style a touch of 2020. formal dresses with sleeves

Fashion trend 2020: dresses with puff sleeves 

Think big! This could be the fashion motto for 2020 if you look at the puff sleeve trend. The voluminous detail adorned our sleeves on blouses in 2019, and in spring and summer we also wear the dramatic, Renaissance-inspired statement sleeves on our dresses. The puffy shoulders stand for power, are sexy and you are sure to wow . With so much attention, you can keep your footwear choices low. By the way, actress Sienna Miller wears two trends in one in the following photo: A dress with puff sleeves and an integrated belt - another detail that is trendy in 2020.