Jeans trends 2020: These models have real potential for favorites!

 The jeans trends 2020 have a lot to offer! We have them all - including styling ideas and outfit inspiration.

Jeans are one of the most reliable pieces of clothing around. So it's no wonder that pretty much every woman has at least one favorite pair of jeans that is a kind of best friend in the closet and is practically permanently in use.

However, it can be worthwhile to leave the permanent companion in 2020 to test one of the jeans trends that this year has in store. There is sure to be at least one potential new favorite pair of jeans that will take your style to a new level and make every outfit an eye-catcher. formal dresses online

Jeans with a front seam are trendy in 2020

Jeans with a front seam - i.e. a (sometimes additional) seam on the front of the leg are very popular in 2020. No wonder, because this little detail looks really good and gives ordinary straight leg jeans an eye-catching moment.

Spring is coming: denim Bermuda shorts come with you

Short denim shorts are in season on the beach every summer - but the very short jeans are probably not a case for every occasion ... The salvation comes in 2020: As soon as the temperatures rise on the thermometer, the hem of our jeans does too - but only up to just above the knee, because Bermuda denim shorts are a big topic this year - and they can be worn for any occasion.

Slouchy aka balloon jeans

Although we certainly do not ban skinny jeans from our wardrobe, it is the wide-cut jeans shapes that determine the current trends. Slouchy or balloon jeans add to the movement and come around the corner with a kind of anti-shape that cuts a great figure in the end. Sounds strange, but it is because our chocolate dots, waist and ankles are emphasized while everything in between has air and freedom of movement.

Quickly in flared jeans

The 70s are coming back regularly, but the comeback will be really big in 2020: With platform heels and typical 70s patterns, flared jeans are of course also coming back - even if they are now often called "flared jeans". But whatever they are called, we love flared jeans - especially with a high waistband and in combination with the said platform heels, because that conjures up endless legs;)

Casual but sophisticated in jeans culottes

Culottes are now part of the standard trousers repertoire. Which is no wonder, because culottes are wonderfully comfortable and with their bourgeois flair give every outfit a certain charm. Jeans culottes go one step further in terms of casualness, especially with a frayed hem they are a perfect everyday variant that can be combined well with classics (e.g. shirt blouses or loafers). formal dresses with sleeves

Jeans with a difference: jeans midi skirts

If you would like something completely different from denim: Jeans midi skirts are a great variant that is not only very stylish and trendy, but also suitable for almost any occasion.