Combining oversize blazers: styling tips and outfit ideas for all occasions

 Oversize blazers are a fashionable silver bullet. We reveal how you can combine the piece for every occasion and have outfit ideas with which you are always perfectly dressed. formal dresses online

Oversize blazers are not a trend - they are a fashionable silver bullet , and have been for years - oh, what do we say: decades. Princess Diana, for example, knew how to use blazers very skillfully - and many of her outfists will be back or still very trendy in 2020.

Sure, the style and shape of the blazers that are currently trending changes every now and then, but the bottom line is that blazers always work. One of the all-time favorites are oversize blazers, which are not only a guarantee of style, but also extremely comfortable. So when it comes to wearing and combining this Jedi-esque garment, the Force is with you anyway, but if you're still looking for ideas and inspiration: here they come!

Oversize blazer: wearable with every figure?

Oversize blazers flatter every figure - the only thing that matters is to find a blazer that fits perfectly. Here it is also worthwhile to go to the change tailor you trust. The point of the matter is, of course, that the piece does not fit figure-hugging.  Conversely, this does not mean that the cut and size are irrelevant. Above all, "oversize" in blazers does not simply mean "too big" in many cases - depending on the figure, an oversize blazer should also be cut close to the figure in certain places (not emphasized, but not too wide). For example, if you have broad shoulders and don't want to make them wider, the shoulders of the blazer can't be cut too far.

Of course, we don't want to prevent you from rummaging in your friend's wardrobe or in the men's department - go for it! Ultimately, the same applies to oversize blazers as usual: trying on and trying them out is the be -all and end-all .

This is how we prefer to combine oversize blazers in 2020

The nice thing about oversize blazers is that we can actually wear them with anything. We can even pimp up a jeans and T-shirt combination with a cool blazer. But of course there is more - for example ...

Oversize blazer + waist belt

Regardless of the rest of the outfit: Waist belts are a perfect complement to the oversize blazer, because they allow us to shape an hourglass silhouette even with the non-figure-hugging blazer and do not get lost in the clothes.

Oversize blazer as a dress

Well, we said it: oversize blazers are a miracle weapon - they can (if they are long enough) be converted into an elegant mini dress in no time at all .

Shorts, short dresses and skirts love oversize blazers

Shorts, short dresses and short skirts are many things - but not serious and suitable for every occasion. But if we wear an oversize blazer over it, things look quite different - much more dressed.

Feminine or masculine: this is how we combine oversize blazers in a particularly stylish way

Masculine oversize blazers with strong shoulders can be wonderfully combined with pleated trousers , especially if the latter are fitted with a paperbag waistband and high-waisted.

Classically elegant: pencil skirt + leather boots + oversize blazer

Midi-length pencil skirts can quickly look a bit narrow-minded - knee-high leather boots and an oversize blazer make the outfit more casual, but no less elegant.

Serious blazer on rock-style leather pants

Lederhosen are rocking - period. That's right, but: With an oversize blazer you can tell something about wild elegance very quickly and with this rocky-elegant clash you would also accompany us easily to the opera. formal dresses with sleeves

Monochrome outfit + blazer as a (color) statement piece

If you want to make the blazer a statement piece, you should go for a monochrome outfit in white or black and choose an oversize blazer in a different color. It can pop in color, but it doesn't have to, a beige or camel-colored part also ensures that certain effect.

As you can see - an oversize blazer is a fashion statement that is particularly worthwhile due to its ultimate talent for combining. Try it out!