Fashion Week Berlin: These are the most beautiful trends for autumn and winter 2020/2021

 From January 13th to 17th, 2020 it was that time again: Berlin was upside down for the most beautiful fashion of German designers and fashion houses. Here are the most beautiful trends for autumn and winter 2020/2021 that we brought back for you from the spectacle! formal dresses online

What comes, what goes, what stays? Fashion Weeks around the world show where the wind is blowing in terms of fashion technology. Real fashion fans are tortured twice a year to see what trends are in store for them. Only one thing is certain: the hearts of all fashion victims will beat faster again this year and we will tell you exactly why: We took a look around at Fashion Week in Berlin and picked out the most beautiful trends for the autumn / winter season 2020/2021 - honestly? We'd love to be wearing them all now!

Incidentally, here you can find the trands from Fashion Week Berlin For The Sprong/summer 2020season  .


Colorful bourgeoisie at Marc Cain at Fashion Week Berlin

"Pearls, Stories and Champagne" - the golden 20s set the tone for Marc Cain. We are particularly enthusiastic about the casual, luxurious bourgeoisie looks, which come with a lot of flair and above all color (!).

What we are taking with us in terms of trends: The flaky blouse is back, pants and culottes like to be wide, wider, and purple simply looks stunning with shades of brown!

Female western with Lena Hoschek: autumn and winter 2020/2021 will be ethno!

Lena Hoschek's designs were presented under the motto "Artisan Partisan". Above all, we see a western that consists of concentrated femininity and shows a wonderful symbiosis of different cultures that were once at war. We even believe we recognize the free spirit Frida Kahlo. The ethnic prints, which were mainly shown in earthy tones and red, the waist belts and corsages, the leather boots and the prairie dresses ... we are in love with the colorful closeness to nature and culture of Lena Hoschek's collection for winter 2020/2021.

Marina Hoermanseder: A classic from Berlin Fashion Week is going vegan

Marina Hoermanseder has been showing her legendary buckle skirt since 2015. The expressive piece is shown in ever new variations in every collection - in 2020 there will be not just another variation, but a statement of respect for animals and nature: " My skirt is made of pinapple "  - the sign showing the model makes it clear: You can do it without leather or plastic!

Baroque 70s at Marcel Ostertag: This clash will become a trend in the cold 2020/2021 season

Anyone who hears "a clash from the 70s and the baroque" might start by saying "Please, what ?!" think. But if you look at the pictures of Marcel Ostertag's collection, which he showed on January 15, 2020 at the Berlin Fashion Week, everything suddenly makes more than mind-blowing sense. Especially the color combination of camel and dark turquoise as well as the play with vinyl materials and baroque patterns make Ostertag's vision for winter 2020/2021 simply a dream. formal dresses with sleeves