Shirt jackets: this is how you can combine the 2020 fashion trend

 Shirt jackets bring you stylish and warm through the cold season - and can be worn in spring. Everything about the new fashion trend 2020. formal dresses for women

They are called shirt jackets, blouse jackets or shackets, they have long been an integral part of the winter wardrobe of influencers and fashion professionals: the  fusion of shirt and jacket is trendy, can be styled in many ways and keeps us warm. Bye, down jacket - hello, shirt jacket!


Shirt jackets: how to style the 2020 fashion trend

Shirt jackets have a characteristic cut: They are more box-shaped, oversize, with attached XL pockets and eye-catching buttons . The material is stronger and heavier than a classic shirt, which is why they keep you warmer. The colors and patterns? Checkered models in the lumberjack style are an absolute mega-trend But also simple, single-colored variants in light tones can be found in all online shops. The shirt jackets are a great alternative to wool blazers, which will be a must-have in the fashion world in 2020.

Checked shirt jacket instead of wool blazer

The classic lumberjack shirt is red and black. The shirt jacket in the typical flannel shirt colors also goes wonderfully with rock outfits such as black jeans, boots and a band shirt. That screams for 90s and grunge? Yes, but much more modern - and therefore twice as casual.

The Shackets, as they are called in English-speaking countries, also come in other checkered tones: green, pink, brown-beige dominate the choice of colors. Shirt jackets look best with jeans, but they also go wonderfully with skirts.

Shirt jackets in light tones

The fact that shirt jackets can also look elegant is shown by models in shades of sand, beige, camel and white. Plus: They are of course even easier to style than the checkered version because you only have to pay attention to one color. You can achieve a clean, unexcited and casual look if you keep the rest of your outfit in simple colors . 

Style shirt jackets: this is what you should pay attention to

You can wear a shirt jacket open (as a replacement for a jacket) or buttoned up. Since many models are cut very oversized, they can, however, apply. So when in doubt, choose a thinner top under your shirt jacket . If you wear a checked model, it usually looks best if you pick up one color of your shirt jacket elsewhere in your outfit. 

When it comes to choosing your shoes, you basically have a wide range : with boots, shirt jackets exude a touch of rock, with sneakers they are even more casual and with high heels or ankle boots you bring a nice break in style to your outfit. formal dresses with sleeves

Shirt jackets are real all-rounders - so just give them a try.