Combine shorts in winter: this way every outfit becomes a perfect look

 Combining shorts in winter is harder than you might think at first glance - there is more to it than just wearing tights underneath. We reveal styling tricks that will make your outfit with shorts a perfect look even in the cold season! formal dresses for women

For many women, shorts are still an item of clothing that they first put away together with light summer dresses and similar summer items when the cold season sets in. It doesn't have to be! Short trousers can even bring verve and variety to our winter wardrobe. We'll tell you styling tricks with which you can combine great outfits with shorts - for winter with all its weather moods. So much can already be revealed: The tights will be our best friend, but there is a lot more to it ...

Combining shorts in winter: the most important tips and tricks

The pantyhose trick: there's more to it than that

In winter you wear tights under shorts and zack: Our shorts are suitable for cold weather. So far so clear, but it's not that simple after all. Colors also play a decisive role in this summer-winter clash. From this point of view, there are two options: 1. The tights have the same color as the shorts (or at least take up this in the case of sample tights) or 2. the pants have the same color as the shoes. Why this color dictatorship? Very simple: Too many strong color contrasts between shorts, tights and shoes interrupt the leg and compress it ...

Shorts are not just shorts

Anyone who automatically thinks of hot pants or denim shorts when they hear the word "shorts" should rethink their thinking: because in terms of fashion, shorts models that are cut a little longer, loosely around the leg and have a high waistband - possibly even with pleats or a Paperbag waist - impress. This is particularly useful for our winter outfits - for example, short suit trousers that reach between the middle of the thigh and the knee, keep you warmer in cold temperatures and can even be worn to the office. Especially when paired with tights and knee-high leather boots.

Shorts are not always shorts Part 2: The material is crucial

With the right tights we can of course also wear shorts made of very thin material. However, shorts made of (artificial) leather, cord or wool make sense in winter - these materials keep the bottom particularly warm and are also extra stylish!

Overknee boots go well with shorts

Overknee boots have been an integral part of the fashion world for some years now. Especially when it comes to shorts and winter, that suits us - literally - because what shorts lack in length (and warmth function) at the bottom, overknees make up for from below. Plus: A shorts and overknee combination is subtly sexy - especially if the shorts are cut a little wider and only a few centimeters of leg or tights can be seen between the trouser hem and overknee boots. By the way: If overknees are too daring for you, you can also combine boots with a shaft that reaches just below the knee - for example in the style of the 70s. They are trend this winter anyway;)

The long above makes the short below

Not only for thermal reasons: It is worth combining long tops with shorts. In the case of oversize sweaters,of course, you only see a small piece of the shorts, but that is exactly what can look great. Those who prefer to put the shorts in the limelight long blazers that reach over the bottom or extra-long oversize cardigans that can sometimes reach almost to the ankle look great when worn open with shorts and make the shorts for every occasion portable.

Our conclusion

Combining shorts in winter means a little more than just putting on any pair of tights, but it's really easy and is definitely worth it for great looks! long sleeve formal dresses