Outfits with brooches: You can style the piece of jewelery in so many ways

 You may know the brooch as a bourgeois piece of jewelry from the old days, but that's changing now! The brooch becomes the star of our outfit and shows its new, modern side. formal dresses online

The brooch is a very elegant and timeless piece of jewelry that is currently experiencing its renaissance. The neat pin shows a whole new side: It will be sporty, modern and colorful!

The new trend jewelry: modern brooches

What makes the brooch special is the pin on the back , the advantage: the brooch can be attached anywhere. The versatile it-piece becomes an indispensable part of our jewelry box. Whether on clothing , on accessories such as bags, backpacks or hats : Brooches upgrade your outfit and give your look a special touch.


How to create your modern outfit with a brooch

If you choose an outfit with a brooch, you should keep the rest of the jewelry subtle . This is how the brooch really comes into its own. The pin can be placed at chest height in a very classic way. Here it can be seen as a special statement for everyone! The brooch can be attached directly to your blouse, but also to the neckline - this makes the brooch a real eye-catcher and emphasizes a beautiful cleavage .

But all other places to attach brooches are also allowed! The more unusual you place them, the more individual your look will be.


Elegant brooch styling

Would you like an outfit that goes well with a fancy dinner or that makes you shine during the business meeting? Then you should combine your brooch with a fine cashmere sweater or pin it to a fine blouse. Choose a brooch with simple stones and embellishments and make sure that the color of the jewelry pin matches your clothes.

The brooch as a statement

Are you a fan of a certain fashion brand or do you want to cause a stir with your outfit? Then the following applies: the bigger and sparkling, the better! You can find unusual brooches in vintage shops or are you trying your hand at an individual brooch DIY ?

Experiment with the right place for your brooch. There are no taboos here. Use the brooch, for example, as a piece of jewelry to enhance a belt or use it as a clip to give your cardigan a fancy touch!

The sporty brooch look

For the sporty look, you can choose the motif of your brooch with a wink. Animal or plant brooches look particularly great Combined with simple basic pieces you are absolutely trendy with this look.

The brooch in a uniform outfit

Daring but no less stylish: wear your brooch on the collar of a blouse . This look looks like a uniform from a bygone century and secures the looks of your fellow men. formal dresses with sleeves

The brooch can be combined in so many ways that there is something for every taste . If not: Create your very own brooch look , after all, all possibilities are far from exhausted for this trend.