Sustainable sneakers: These brands produce environmentally friendly and stylish

 Sustainable sneakers are becoming more and more popular. We show you fair and environmentally conscious labels for your feet. formal dresses online

Sneakers have been one of the most popular shoe models for years: from supermodels to office workers - sneakers are worn by all professional groups and ages and are more trendy than ever before. 

Environmental awareness doesn't stop here either, because sustainable sneakers are becoming increasingly popular - and cost just as much as conventional sneakers. We show you the best brands for fair and sustainable sneakers.

 Duchess Meghan, Lena Gercke, Emma Watson - all celebrities run around the world with  Veja sneakers . The models of the French brand are made of tanned leather or waxed canvas , 50 percent of which is made from waste from the food industry . Other sneakers are made of Hexamesh, which is 70 percent organic cotton and 30 percent recycled plastic bottles . The soles of the eco-kicks are made of natural rubber - more sustainability is practically impossible!

Ecoalf produce environmentally friendly sneakers

Javier Goyeneche and his team conjure up stylish fashion, accessories - and sneakers from garbage "I wanted to show that it is not necessary to continue wasting the natural resources of the planet," says Ecoalf founder of the intention of his Spanish label, which uses plastic from the world's oceans, among other things . 

The sneaker brand Ethletic produces sneakers from organic cotton and without any animal ingredients. Etheltic only uses raw materials from growing areas in which the habitat of animals is not endangered. In the factory in Pakistan, the employees work under  fair working conditions . Natural rubber from Sri Lanka is used for the soles and as an adhesive. The organic cotton? Comes from small farmers. 

Sustainable sneakers from Rice

The Spanish label Rice uses their own sole creation made of natural rubber, phylon and heel reinforcement . All models are vegan and made from canvas in organic cotton. The shoes are produced in Barcelona in family businesses under fair working conditions. formal dresses with sleeves

Zweigut manufactures shoes from recycled and upcycled materialsThe Hamburg label also develops sneakers made of cork and leather. The latter used to be a car seat cover. Zweigut also has vegan shoes in its range, which are marked with the in-house vegan icon. If you like unusual sustainable shoes , you are at the right place at Zweigut.