Ugly Chucks: This is what Converse All-Stars look like now!

 The Chuck Taylor All-Stars from 'Converse' - better known as "Chucks" - are real classics that never go out of style. Now, however, there is a fashion upgrade that has worked: We'll reveal everything about the NEW Chucks, which are a real fashion must-have in 2020. formal dresses online

The namesake and Converse employee Chuck Taylor wore the first Chuck Taylor All Stars back in 1918. Originally intended as basketball shoes, these sneakers made of rubber soles and a linen shaft are still one of the most popular shoe models in history - worldwide. The 'Converse' brand, which is now part of 'Nike', has landed a real coup here - so why turn on a classic that is actually unrivaled in terms of popularity?

The NEW All Stars: This is how the classic was shot for the “Twisted Classics” chucks

The reinterpretations of the Chucks classic are primarily intended to reflect the current mash-up culture and also show converses “continuous research into new proportions and comfort” . And what does it look like then?

Right on trend - "Ugly" and "Chunky": The twisted classic chucks were shot on the sole in particular : a jagged platform and an exaggerated rubber profile ensure that two new and familiar shoe icons emerge from the classic . Oldies like the Chuck Taylor All-Stars are now showing that it was simply yesterday - and to be honest: They can keep up with every ugly dad or chunky sneaker that the fashion trends in 2020 are still producing.

The “Twisted Classics” models, “Run Star Hike” and “CPX70” and other new variations are available in various designs on and from selected retailers. The prices are between 70 and 100 euros. formal dresses with sleeves