Combine slip dress: the most beautiful outfits for winter

 When you hear slip dress, you probably first think of summer. The trend part is exactly the right thing for winter! We provide outfit inspiration for combining slip dresses - for cold temperatures. formal dresses for women

Slip dresses have been an integral part of the fashion world for some time. Whether in an elegant combination or in cool street styles: The lingerie-like satin dress with spaghetti straps first fought its way out of the bedroom into the public eye and then from the 90s into the present day.

We are happy, because the trendy piece with a retro touch is simply a style guarantee in summer and winter. We provide outfit inspiration and show how much styling fun slip dresses can be, especially in the cold season.

This is how we combine slip dresses in winter: The most beautiful outfits and combinations

You have no idea how to wear a slip dress in winter? No problem: we have a few ideas for you here!

Slip dress + turtleneck + combat boots = always possible

This fashion formula offers the perfect outfit that works particularly well in everyday life, whether in the office or when having a coffee with your best friend: We simply pull our favorite slip dress over a turtleneck sweater that fits best close to the body and take it off material that is not too thick. You have to have tights, lace up tough combat boots and a casual, elegant street style is ready A little tip: A narrow belt at the waist gives this outfit that certain something.

Cuddly potential: slip dress + oversize sweater + leather boots

We all know them: Those days when we would rather not get out of bed ... An outfit that makes you feel good and still looks chic is required. We just slip into our slip dress, pull our cosiest oversize sweater over it. A pair of leather boots - if possible with heels - make the feel-good outfit look stylish and not too careless.

For going out: slip dress + blazer + waist belt

Slip dresses are of course also suitable for going out or for important business appointments. As the? Very simple: with a blazer and a waist belt over it. This combination makes every outfit serious, so we can let off steam in terms of shoe technology and combine either ankle boots with heels, western boots or even sneakers. long sleeve formal dresses