Snow boots: These boots keep us warm and trendy through the winter!

 Snow boots are warm, functional, bulky AND: they are totally trendy! We'll show you the most beautiful models for winter 2019/2020 and reveal how you can combine wow outfits with them. formal dresses online

Let's be honest: after Ugly Dad sneakers, chunky boots and at least since trekking sandals, we shouldn't really be surprised when it comes to shoe trends. Especially not when trendy becomes synonymous with bulky, rough and functional. The utility look took our hearts by storm in the summer - now, with snow boots , it is getting a winter version that is simply too practical and cool not to love. We'll tell you what our favorite models are and also have a few outfit inspirations in stock.

No snow boots without lacing - that's what sets the trend

Snow boots look rough and bulky - and they should. The chunky trend will continue after the summer of 2019 and cannot be stopped. That means that we love our winter boots not only with a generally rough appearance, but also with eye-catching details such as a thick sole with a lot of clearly visible profile and definitely with a lacing! You can also see a bit of (artificial) fur or use rubber on the foot.

Speaking of which: the boots can also reach significantly higher than just above the ankle, as was previously the case with snow boots.

Outfit inspirations: These combinations with snow boots are our favorites

Snow boots go with everything ... That's why one of the coolest everyday looks with them is also a combination with jeans and a thick knitted sweater - preferably with a Norwegian or Argyle pattern. If you prefer something a little sophisticated, add a blazer.

For many women, a knitted dress is an absolute must-have in winter. No wonder, because the cuddly all-time trend pieces look great and are comfortable and cozy warm. Knit dresses in midi length go particularly well with snow boots - however, mini knit dresses that end somewhere between the middle of the thigh and the knee are close on their heels.

A little tip: Of course, nothing works without tights in winter - the cozy trousers should be matched either to the color of the dress or to that of the boots so that the body does not look compressed.

We get style break with the chunky, eye-catching snow boots in combination with pleated trousers - they can sit casually, but shouldn't be too loose so that we can tuck them well into the shaft of the boots. Over the dream combination, we either put on a figure-hugging turtleneck sweater (be sure to tuck it into the waistband - the trousers should ideally have a high-waist cut) - or we combine a longer oversize turtleneck sweater (rather not tucking into the trousers or just a small one at the front Piece). formal dresses with sleeves

The bottom line is that we can really combine snow boots with almost anything - whether in the proper style or in a style inconsistent, winter boots definitely make sense in terms of both weather and appearance!