Fashion trends 2019/2020: These sweaters keep us stylishly warm in winter

 Winter without a sweater doesn't work - period. The 2019/2020 fashion trends can therefore of course not do without a few cozy and stylish favorite sweaters: Here come the most beautiful models including outfit ideas.

A favorite sweater is a real must-have in every person's wardrobe. The absolute top class are cozy sweaters in which we feel secure and at home AND look stylish. Sounds like a contradiction? Take a look at the sweater trends for this winter! ;)

Chic in knitwear: knitted sweaters with accentuated shoulders

Accentuated shoulders are so hip - no one would have expected the comeback after the end of the 80s, but the fact is: puff sleeves and boxy shoulders have now even reached our sweaters and are helping them to make a real statement this year .

Outfit idea: combine a sweater with accentuated shoulders with wide-cut high-waist jeans, leather boots with a knee-high shaft over the trousers - et voilá: Absolutely trendy outfit with a guaranteed eye-catcher.

Rautenliebe: The Argyle pattern is back

The argyle pattern was once considered conservative and once again it shows: Just because people put something in a drawer doesn't mean it has to stay there. This winter we like to style sweaters with a diamond pattern in a sophisticated way with a culottes or a pencil skirt and high leather boots.

Fashion trends 2019/2020: Cardigans are the new sweaters

Cardigans have changed roles this year: We just wear them buttoned up like a sweater, tuck them into our straight leg jeans with a high waist and put them on our combat boots. The perfect outfit for everyday life!

By the way: cropped cardigans with puff sleeves really look good with this outfit because they act as a feminine contrast to the rough boots.

Minimalism wears turtlenecks: this trend never goes out of style

Turtlenecks are primarily practical in winter: We can simply leave the scarf at home and even indoors we are never bare-necked - this is not only exciting for the cold hypochondriacs among us ... Another advantage of the turtleneck is that it comes with a built-in Seriousness is on the way. Somehow the images of eccentric intellectuals like Steve Jobs just stick. The bottom line is that a plain turtleneck can be easily combined with anything and always adds a touch of elegance.

Favorite outfit: black turtleneck sweater under a colored midi slip dress (don't forget your waist belt), put on black half-shaft ankle boots or the said combat boots and march off - whether to the office, for a shopping trip or a dinner date: this outfit fits.

More is more: stripes, animal prints, ruffles and flounces

Those who do not find the minimalism of the turtleneck so exciting will still find what they are looking for in the 2019/2020 sweater trends: Whether sweaters with animal prints, brightly colored stripes or with flounces or ruffles - if you want to go full throttle, you can even do it in line with the trend this year.

What we love: sweaters with flounces or ruffles with western boots - whether with jeans or with a satin midi skirt in between - almost doesn't matter ...