Fashion trends in winter 2019/2020: This is how we now combine pants and boots!

 If someone had told us a year ago that in winter 2019/2020 it would be in to wear boots and pants like this - we would have laughed ... But now we love the look and think: Everyone should experiment with it!

For years, skinny jeans and similarly figure-hugging trousers have taken over the rule in our closet and our styling and that was a good thing: in Knalleng we could simply celebrate our figure, regardless of whether we are with feminine curves or very slim and androgynous.

However, casual jeans and wide-leg pants have taken us by storm lately. In summer this was not a problem in terms of shoe technology: after all, wide trousers can be combined with sneakers and sandals just as well as tight trousers ...

But now comes the boot weather with autumn and winter - with the megatrends knee-high leather boots and western boots with medium-high shafts - and that poses the question: What to do with our wide trouser legs?

It-piece for the winter:  cropped cardigans-this is how you combine the winter fashion trend!


Trouser legs in the boot or not - that is the question

The first and, with Ockham's razor, probably also the preferred solution is to wear the trouser legs over the shaft - this works very well with the still current overknee boots as well as with the knee-high leather boots that are now trendy and is technically easy to implement .

However, our boots don't really come into their own here. One possibility are trousers with a wider cut or jeans with short legs (for example culottes or cropped models). That looks great, but let's be honest: That can't be the sole purpose of the knee-high shaft of our beloved boots ...

That is why the fashion trends in winter 2019/2020 come with a daring suggestion: Put the legs of wide trousers or casual jeans IN the boot shaft!

That sounds strange at first and maybe looks strange at first glance. But if you risk a second look, you will be amazed by the completely new silhouette and, for example, a bourgeois look in Celine style or a wild Western 80s style à la Isabel Marant . We can only advise: Whistle on Ockham, take the effort, put more pants in your boot shaft and see what you get;) 

That's why we love the look

First of all, it's just nice to style a new silhouette and experiment with unusual looks. But what we particularly love about the wide-pants-in-boots look is that a sort of retro clash is taking place here: The style is reminiscent of the 40s / 50s when rebellious women insisted on masculine pleats-To wear and ride pants like men, as well as to the 80s, when wide pants simply belonged in the typical boots with a gathered shaft. So, let's get out our blouses or (in the winter's sense) cardigans with puffsleeves and style whatever it takes.

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